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Import of Scotch , Whiskey & Liquids

Only You Have Provide Your Brand Label As Selected / Designed By You .

Private Labels

Start Your Own Scotch Brand

Chilled Beer

Canned German Beer

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We Help Set Up Your Scotch Brand Manufactured In Scotland At World Most Competitive Rate.Only You Have Provide Your Brand Label As Selected / Designed By You – Rest Distillation , Blending , Bottling , Corking , Carton Packing , Loading On Container Etc All Will Be Taken Care By Us Till Shipment From Scotland .

Liquids: Bulk / Pvt. Label & Branded


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Scotch Corp. Of India

MRP As Low As Rs. 1400 In Maharashtra

Tremendous Opportunity Of Imported Scotch In India

One Source To Supply Scotch Whiskey From Consortium Of Reputed Distilleries For Bulk Liquids Or Bottled Branded Or Pvt. Label .

India Topples France As Uk’s Largest Scotch Whisky Market; Imports Up 60% . Now India Is 2nd Largest Consumer Of Scotch.

Import Of Whiskey :  Single Malt Scotch / Blended Scotch , Bourbon , Vodka , Gin , Rum , Tequila – In Bottles Or Bulk Liquid In Casks , Barrels Or Tankers ..…

Our Costing Are Fantastically Negotiated With Scotch Manufactures, You Instantly Capture Any State You Would Like Launch.


Products:  Bulk Scotch / Liquids , Bottled Pvt. Label Scotch , German Beer – Pvt. Label 

Bulk Whisky

Bulk supply of liquid for distilleries:

( More Economical To Import Quality Scotch / Whiskey )

We Import the following types of bulk whisky and spirits: from 3 to 20 years old.

Bulk Transportation

The Great Scotch Whisky Must Be Made Entirely In Scotland From Water, Malted Barley, And Yeast. It Must Be Aged For At Least Three Years, But Usually Ages For 8–10 Years.

Private Label - Imported Scotch

Tailored Spirits:

We Help Get Bottles Labeled Of Your Brand / Your Choice Bottle / Caps / Corks …

Your Label For Your Party , Restaurants , Hotels , Resorts , Cruise Or Airlines … ( Signature In-House Whiskey )

Your Own Private Reserve Signature Whisky, Finished Exactly How You Want It And Bearing Your Name Or Corporate Identity. Ideal For Corporate Gifting, Special Events, Or As That Perfect Statement Gift And Sharing With Your Family, Friends, Clients, And Colleagues!

One Of The Highest Profitable Business

Launch Your Pvt. Label In Huge Retail Market

Start Your Own Scotch Brand

Start Your Own Beer Brand

Private Label - Imported

Tailored Canned German Beer:

Attractive, Beautiful & Colorful Canned German  Beer

Attractive Prices of  500ml cans.

As You Are Asking For Something Like Heineken Or Carlsberg You Are Looking For A Lager Beer. We Usually Offer Pilsener But Can Do Lager As Well. Price Is The Same For Both Kind Of Beers.


Create A Beer Brand Without A Brewery or A Factory – A TRUE GERMAN BEER.

Liquors , Shots, shooters & slammers

We Design , Create World Class Liquors & Shots.

Pocket Shots – Goes Anywhere

Smooth  Refreshing 

1] Tequila Shots

2] Smooth Whisky Shots

3] Smooth Vodka Shots

4] Refreshing Peppermint  Shots

4] Shots Similar To Jagermeister

Suggested Photos Displayed To Give Idea Only

Alcoholic Shooters Designed To Kick Start Your Celebrations

Branded Whisky

Branded  Bottles – Imported

Available Exclusive Brand On Lines With Bell’s Or Dewars, And The Peated With Be Similar To Teachers Or Black Label With A Slight Smokiness.

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Small Office Big Business

It’s An Exciting & Growing Business

One Source For Your Whiskey Requirement From Any Stage Of Production.

Aged Bulk , Branded Bottled Or Pvt. Label.

Payment Facilities:

Extended Payment Terms And Also Revolving L C For Continues Orders.

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