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Start Your Own Whiskey Brand:

We Help Set Up Your Scotch Brand Manufactured In Scotland At World Most Competitive Rate. Only You Have to Provide Your Brand Label As Selected & Designed By You – Rest Distillation , Blending , Bottling , Corking , Carton Packing , Loading On Container Etc All Will Be Taken Care By Us Till Shipment From Scotland .

With Each Bottle Holding 750 Ml Of Our Exceptional Product,  An Alcohol Content Of 43% , 3 Yrs. Aged , Malt Blended 12 To 14%. ( Big Advantage:  Whiskey Comes With Scotland Water )   All Scotch Produced In Scotland Can Have Scotch Written On Label With Certified Aged ( Age Statement )

Alcohol Consumers Below 25 yrs
0 %
Alcohol Consumers Between 40-60 yrs 20-29 yrs
0 %
Alcohol Consumers Between 40-60 yrs
0 %
Alcohol Consumers Between Above 60 yrs
0 %
Tailored Spirits: Start Your Own Whiskey Brand

Scotch Corp. Of India

MRP As Low As Rs. 1400 In Maharashtra

Tremendous Opportunity Of Imported Scotch In India

One Source To Supply Scotch Whiskey From Consortium Of Reputed Distilleries For Bulk Liquids Or Bottled Branded Or Pvt. Label .

India Topples France As Uk’s Largest Scotch Whisky Market; Imports Up 60% . Now India Is 2nd Largest Consumer Of Scotch.

Import Of Whiskey :  Single Malt Scotch / Blended Scotch , Bourbon , Vodka , Gin , Rum , Tequila – In Bottles Or Bulk Liquid In Casks , Barrels Or Tankers ..…

Our Costing Are Fantastically Negotiated With Scotch Manufactures, You Instantly Capture Any State / Region You Would Like Launch.

Crafting Y our Whisky Dream

Personalized, Bespoke Bottles

We Understand That Every Individual Has Their Own Preferences When It Comes To Whisky. Whether You Prefer A Single Malt, Single Grain , Blended Whisky , Or A Rare, Limited Edition  Release , Our Job Is To Guide You Thru The Journey Of Crafting Your Very Own Bespoke Whisky.

We’ll Work Closely With You, To Help Us Understand Your Desired Flavor Profiles, Explore Various Cask Finishes, And Select The Perfect Maturation Period To Ensure The  Whisky Within Your Bottle And The Branding Perfectly Align With You Vision.


Scotch Whisky

Supply of Aged Quality Scotch  for Retail:

(Now More Economical To Import Quality Scotch / Whiskey)
With Each Bottle Holding 750 Ml Of Our Exceptional Product,  An Alcohol Content Of 43% , 3 Yrs. Aged , Malt Blended 15%. ( Big Advantage:  Whiskey Comes With Scotland Water )  &   All Scotch Produced In Scotland Can Have Scotch Written On Label With Certified Aged  Statement.
Blended With SCOTLAND WATER  That Maters

Suggested MRP As Low As Rs. 1400 in Maharashtra

Premium Lquids

Import the following types of  bottled scotch whisky and spirits: from 3 to 20 years old.

Advantage Scotch Pvt. Label

Low Investment Business

1] A Big Advantage – Don’t Have To Pay Import Duty , Excise & Local Taxes Till Product Is Sold.
2]  100% PROFIT  
3] Hugh market to cater to

Mock Up Designs

Private Label - Imported Scotch

Tailored Spirits:

We Help Get Bottles Labeled Of Your Brand / Your Choice Bottle / Caps / Corks …

Your Label For Your Party , Restaurants , Hotels , Resorts , Cruise Or Airlines … ( Signature In-House Whiskey )

Your Own Private Reserve Signature Whisky, Finished Exactly How You Want It And Bearing Your Name Or Corporate Identity. Ideal For Corporate Gifting, Special Events, Or As That Perfect Statement Gift And Sharing With Your Family, Friends, Clients, And Colleagues!

One Of The Highest Profitable Business

Promise Prices Will Be Cheapest … Our Costings Are Fantastic, You Will Instantly Capture Any State You Would Like Launch.

Private Label - Imported

Tailored Bottled Scotch

Design You Own Attractive, Beautiful & Colorful Labels

Attractive Prices of  750 ml  Standard Or Classic Bottles

Many Blends & Brands Available To Select From

Create A Scotch Brand Without A Distillery or A Factory

Tremendous Opportunity Of Imported Scotch In India

Pvt. Label Start Up: A Small Investment Business & Grow . We Help / Guide In Branding , Licensing , Imports , Costing Etc Easy To Start In Your Region / State / Province Few Containers A Month Easy To Sell – Unlimited Potential World Wide

Scotch - Shots, shooters & slammers

Million Bottles A Day

Investors Needed

Miniture Size - Giant Bussiness

Branded Imported Scotch

Lowest Rates In World

Available  from  Scotland:

Bottle 750 Ml ,   Alcohol Content Of 43% ,  3 Yrs. Aged 

Scotch Pvt. Label from 3 to 12 yrs. Range

Double Up Your Investment

Join Us

Every Six Months Launch A New Brand

Business Opportunities:

A] As Importer

B] As Distributors

During 2022-23, Bottled Whisky Imports More Than Doubled To Us$316 Million From Us$152 Million,

To-Day Imports Are Only 2% Of On Whole India’s Consumption

Ongoing India-Uk Free-Trade Agreement (Fta) Negotiations Will Help Increase Business To 10 Times.

Extended Payment Terms And Also Revolving L C For Continues Orders.
Payment Facilities:

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