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We understand the complexities of navigating the Indian liquor import landscape. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming your go-to resource for seamless Scotch whisky importation. Whether you’re an established importer looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer seeking a reliable partner, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Company Setup: We guide you through the intricacies of establishing your import business in India, ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  • Licensing: Our expertise in obtaining necessary licenses, from import-export codes to liquor permits, streamlines your operations and saves you valuable time.
  • Sourcing the Perfect Scotch: Leverage our extensive network of distilleries to find the ideal Scotch whiskies – blends or single malts, tailored to your target market and taste preferences.
  • Private Labeling: Create a unique brand identity with our private labeling services. We’ll help you develop eye-catching designs and navigate bottling requirements.
  • Bulk Imports: Optimize your costs with our bulk Scotch whisky import solutions, enabling you to cater to the growing demand in India.

Our Commitment

We're not just your agent; we're your strategic partner dedicated to your success in the booming Indian Scotch whisky market.

Once Your Sales And Revues Are Settled / Established – We Will Help You Setup A Scotch Blending & Bottling Plant Or A Beer Brewery.

Scotch Whisky Import
Solutions for the Indian Market

Detailed Breakdown

  • Market Research & Analysis: Understand the nuances of the Indian market, consumer trends, and competitor landscape with our tailored research.
  • Distillery Partnerships: Access our established relationships with top Scotch whisky distilleries for sourcing, negotiations, and contract management.
  • Logistics & Customs: Trust our expertise in handling import logistics, documentation, and customs clearance for hassle-free delivery.
  • Brand Development: Build a powerful Scotch whisky brand with our support in label design, bottling, and marketing strategies customized for India.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date knowledge of Indian import regulations and licensing procedures.

Private Label - Imported Scotch

While our core focus lies in Scotch whisky, we recognize the diverse tastes of the Indian market. That's why we offer additional import services for:

  • German Canned Beer: Beer Is A Major Part Of German Culture , One Of The Oldest Alcohol-Based Beverages – Authentic German Pilsner Aroma & Flavor.
  • French Wines: Source exquisite wines from renowned regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy.
  • Cognac & Brandy: Explore the finest selections of Cognac and brandies from France and beyond.
  • Rum: Discover premium rums with varied profiles from the Caribbean and other notable rum-producing regions.
  • Gin: Import a curated selection of gins, from classic London Drys to contemporary craft styles.


We Help Set Up

Small Scale Scotch Business With Ease

Smart & Easy To Start

Start Small – Grow Exponentially

Small & Micro Business: Qualifies & Comes Under Many Loan Schemes - Also Easy To Start

We Help Set Up Small Scale Scotch Business

We Design & Create Suitable Whiskey Business for Individual Needs

Scotch Startup

  1. Quick Startup – W/O Factory
  2. Immediate Returns
  3. Many Options & Sizes To Choose From
  4. High End Branding & Attractive Labels
  5. Pure 3 Yrs Old Scotch – No Additives –  Certified
  6. Much Better Than Indian Whiskies In Same Price Range
  7. This Can Be Your Independent Business Or Partner With Us
  8. Market: Retail / Horeca / Institutional

Tremendous Growth Opportunity

Easy Funds / Loans – Available

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana: This Scheme Provides Loans Of Up To Rs. 20 Lakh To Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises (Msmes)  

Pmegp Loan Is To Give Enough Capital To Start And Develop Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

And Many More Schemes

Highest Returns: Invest In Scotch

Immediate Returns – No Gestation Period

One Of The Highest Profitable Business

Team Of Experienced Whiskey Business Consultants

( To Setup Business For Economical Import Of Bulk Malt & Grain | Pvt. Label Bottled Scotch , Whiskey & Alcohol Products )

Mr. Pradip Sood ( President –  Golden Ores  & Bombay Air Compressors )

Mr. Pradip Sood is a Qualified engineer from BIT Ranchi and holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from St Xavier’s, Mumbai.

Mr. Sood Has A Professional Work Experience Of 50 Years Staring With Ingersoll Rand (Compressor & Mining  Division) And Through Several Successful Business Ventures Ranging From Aerospace i.e Supply Of Parts And Repairs Of Commercial Aircraft’s MRO – Boeing , Airbus & Helicopters , Compressor Manufacturing And, Trading Of Ores & Minerals , Food Processing.

Project Scotch India Is Initiated By A Technocrat Having 5 Decades Of Extensive Multifaceted Experience

Now Create A Whiskey & Beer Brand Without A Brewery or A Distillery

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