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Vendors Participation:



Vendors From  all over world are  Invited To Be Part Of Our New Project For Supply Of Machinery , Raw Materials , Consultants For Formulation / Blending , Plant Layout , Maintenance , Factory Construction – Architects &  Contractors ….



Vendors Needed


Bulk: Vendors For Supply Of Bulk  liquid – Tanker Load – Scotch Single Malt, Scotch Blended &  Vodka , Gin & Rum.

Import of Bottled Scotch , Vodka , Gin & Rum Branded & Pvt. Label.

Raw Materials: Vendors For Supply Of Bulk – Ethanol  &  Additives For Manufacturing Of Good Quality Scotch , Vodka , Gin & Rum.

Collaboration With Reputed International Scotch, Whiskey , Vodka , Gin Manufacturers To Supply In Bulk To Be Bottled In India.

Pvt. Label
Pvt. Label
Branded Products
Branded Products



Machinery: For Supply Of Suitable Machinery For Alcohol Blending & Bottling Plant ,

Utilities & Consumables.


Consultants: For Setting Up A Modern Scotch Blending Plant , Master Blenders , Maintenance Engineers …


Architects & Contractors: Need Experienced Architect & Civil Contractors For Construction Of Modern Factory


CONTACT:  Apply With All Details For Vendor Registration


mail: heavencityfood@gmail.com


Contact By Whatsapp:       

+91 9987048141 ( India )



Bulk Alcohol

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